• Dr. Salma Sultana

    Awarded the 2020 Norman E. Borlaug Award for Field Research and Application

  • Dr. Salma Sultana

    Awarded for her work with small-scale farmers in Bangladesh

Dr. Salma

Dr. Salma Sultana is named in Asian Scientist 100 list in the sixth edition of Asian Scientist Magazine, which compiles Asia’s most outstanding researchers.
Model Livestock Advancement Foundation - MLAF is a non government, non political and non profitable organization, registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. MLAF is the only educational, research and animal healthcare voluntary organization in Bangladesh. It has been established in 2015.
To execute poverty alleviation program
To empower the women
To promote sustainable self-employment and entrepreneurship
To arrange need based training program and escalate skilled manpower in field
To ensure food security and food safety
Providing modern and evidence based animal health service to the community
To arrange farmer awareness program and herd health program
To work on prevention and control program of zoonosis and antimicrobial resistance
To act as an advocacy platform to promote public health education, service and research
To establish a distance learning or e-learning center
To have a Livestock sector that is sustainable, commercial, and contributing to livelihood, employment, national income and food security.
A poverty free and self reliant Bangladesh.

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